Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thus Far....

I was reminded in a conversation today of the time that surrounded my divorce.

It was an amazing time: Incredibly painful, and incredibly God-filled.

I will never forget that Friday morning in November when I showed up at my bible study - feeling lost and afraid, and uncertain about what the future held. I knew my marriage was imploding and not likely to survive. I sat and listened to Beth Moore talking about the Israelites, and how one day, when they weren't sure where exactly they were going, but knew that God was with them, they stood up a stone, and as Beth said it: "We have no idea where we are going from here, but THUS FAR, God has been with us".

It was like I was propelled at light speed through the years of my life til that moment. Again and again, I could see God's active participation in my life. Time and time again, there He was. Leading. Guiding. Comforting. Protecting. Again and again and again. Emmanuel - God with us - or me in particular!

And then came peace. The peace that transcends all understanding (phil 4:7) surrounded me. Each day as I walked forward in this peace, I witnessed - day after day, for months at a time - the very ACTIVE presence of God in my life.

And, as this memory returned to me on the drive home, I became very quiet, and tears filled my eyes.

Even now - though I am not in crisis - I can still say, "Thus Far, God has been with me...."

I continue to be loved beyond measure and grateful beyond words...

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