Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heavenly Whisperings

I love those little bits of guidance that cone whispering into my ear. "check your minutes...." I made note of that. I had a full day driving around in my new job. Most of the calls I needed to make were not "in network"... they were businesses and land-lines.
So, while a little overstimulated with the running follow-up list, 2 extra kids at home and a dinner time urgency approaching, I checked my minutes.
Let's just say, it was a prime example of how listening and following through, benefited me. I had gone through half of my monthly allotment.... one the FIRST day of the billing cycle.
Needless to say, one quick phone call - and an additional three dollars per month - has me switched to unlimited talk, text and data....

Thank you God for your gentle guidance and protection!
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