Sunday, February 6, 2011

Awaiting Spring

I have got to say, I'm looking forward to spring. As I was driving the back roads of the county the other day, I was reminded of what a beautiful place this is. This earth. This area.

Soon it will be spring, and I will get to travel those country roads again, with the landscape blooming forth. I'm curious to see what will appear. Which of the trees will bloom, and which of the houses have tulips and daffodils sleeping around them. Where is the forsythia and where are the irises? Better yet, the dogwoods and the redbuds - they are my favorite, those redbuds!

I don't want to rush it. I know each season has it's intended purpose, but I am curious.

And as I continued to drive, I found myself humming and then singing:

"For the beauty of the earth...."

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