Monday, February 21, 2011

Right in the Midst of it all

I was thinking back to this morning - interpreting the music at church. Two new songs, no "lyrics helper" in the audience. See, the words don't always come clearly to me with the speaker above my head. And then I noticed it. The screen on the back wall had the words flowing! YES! Yay God! Your timing is perfect!

And as I sit to write, and think through my day and my week past and my week to come, I see God here and there, and I realize: Right in the midst of it all, He is there.

It doesn't matter if my house is unusually quiet with my children away, or if it is loud and active. It doesn't matter if we are running errands or heading off to activities. If we are at home, or stuck in traffic. Right there, in the midst of it, is He.

Creator of heaven and earth - and everything from here to there - is right here in the details of my everyday life.

I am so, so blessed.

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