Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Near Pefection

Today may have been one of the most perfect days ever.... Certainly in a long, long time... and absolutely well-timed after the previous week of child-illness stress.

I had planned the day to be off. By all accounts, my son would be home with me again, regaining his strength. When I tucked him in, I inquired and when I woke him up, I inquired. When he said he didn't think he could go to school, it seemed reasonable. The most I'd seen him do in a week is spend one hour sitting up, in front of the computer. The rest of the week, he had spent semi-reclined, if not horizontal.

But to everyone's surprise, when we got to the parking lot, he asked "Could I TRY to go to school?" "ABSOLUTELY!" We had planned to walk his valentine's box and the cards for his classmates in to his room - for exercise and endurance if nothing else! Fortunately, it was a scheduled "pajama day". (Yay God!) I expected a call shortly after the pledge of allegiance, but no... he lasted ALLL day!

I got home (after returning to school with his snack, that I (naturally) hadn't packed), and had the opportunity to walk the neighborhood with a friend.

After that was half a dozen 5-minute jobs that were outstanding (and on my last nerve!), the laundry and some mindless time filling the kick bag base with sand. (It's only been waiting, oh - how long ago was Christmas?)

I inspected the trees and shrubs for bud swelling - since my walking-buddy had spied the tulip greens popping through the soil near my mailbox.

The windows were open all day, so my house smells like a spring day. I even had time to do nothing but sit ... THREE times.... once on the porch in the sun, twice snuggling the cat.

The kids had an unexpected playdate after school, which allowed me the opportunity to vacuum and scrub the bathroom floor.

It just doesn't get much better than that! (well, a little time actually tending the earth - but that is soon to come!!)

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