Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Spend Free" February

And so it begins... February.

Ours will be "Spend Free".

It was an idea I got through Facebook... from a friend who was replying to a comment of a woman I don't even know (Facebook is a little curious to me like that.... anyhow, I digress....). They were making through with what they had - a "Spend Free" January.

That thought clung to me, and I knew I would have to do it. I began to think about what that would really mean for me.

Spend Free, let's see:

* No Fast Food - if I know we wouldn't be home near a mealtime, I'll have to plan ahead
* No extraneous "stuff" - Lord knows we don't need anymore "stuff".
* Finishing up the dozen (or so) bottles of shampoo we have hanging around the house - buying on sale doesn't do me any good if we don't use it!!

Of course I will spend money on food and gas, and my bills, but we're going to have a month of meeting our needs - not our wants or conveniences.

God help us all!

(Fortunely, February is a SHORT month....)

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