Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Suicide by Lifestyle Choices"

"Suicide by lifestyle choices". I heard that said in a discussion group, and I thought "wow. Interesting concept".

As the month has progressed, I have heard a lot more about "choices" and "Lifestyle", and how what we think determines our choices. I do agree with that.

And, I do agree with the "suicide by lifestyle choices" concept. I am guilty as charged. I frequently choose the "easy" way out: Grabbing something quick vs. preplanning and preparing my food for the day, putting off the walk until it no longer fits into my schedule. Other times I forget that not choosing to do something, in the end, often has the same results as choosing not to. By not deciding, I have decided.

I am certainly aware of the consequences of my choices: obesity with all it's host of complications - heart disease, diabetes, stroke.... the list goes on. I don't want that.

But apparently, I don't not want it enough to decide to choose more healthily.

I did go to an adult fitness workshop in the place of my MMA class. It was so wonderfully awful! You know, I am glad that I went and I should do more of that - and would like the results - but, being in the midst of it... *whew* Let's just say, at one point, I actually wept when I opened my eyes and Jesus wasn't standing there in front of me to take me home... Honestly and truly. At that moment, I was ready.

But, it has gotten me thinking again about "suicide by lifestyle choices". Help me to choose wisely! .... to WANT to choose wisely.

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