Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Thorn

I was at my Mom's in Touch group - we take a moment t0 quietly stand before God before we enter into prayer for the teachers, students and schools themselves. In that moment, I asked again, "please take this from me...." In the silence that followed I knew deep in my heart that this was not one that would be removed.

The words to a favorite Mosaic song played in the background of my mind, ".... if you choose to leave this thorn, I'll need Your grace to carry on...Then the world will see, In my weakness, You are strong...."

I have played through those events again and again in the hours that have passed since then, patiently waiting for acceptance. Til then, the song plays on in my head.

I sit quietly mustering the strength to walk with this thorn - to accept His grace, surrender my self and let Him be strong in my weakness.

I can't do it myself. We both know I have tried...again and again.

I can't. He can.

I think I'll let Him.

It's as simple - and as difficult - as that.

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