Tuesday, June 29, 2010

People Watching

It was an interesting two days in the water park. Certainly it was fun with family and friends, and the weather was beautiful, but it was the people watching that was most interesting.

Saturday there were over 20,000 people in the park. It was crowded and there was much line waiting. There were people there of all shapes and sizes, colors and walks of life. We also saw a wide variety of tattoos - and spending the weekend using a visual language as well as a verbal one - they readily caught my eye.

But, the people I enjoyed watching the most was my children. My boy-child, over and over again, walked through his fear to find the "awesome!!" - ness in the rides. My daughter and her friend found the courage to ride the roller coasters.

And all three of them worked together, compromised to help each other meet their personal goals for the weekend, and be respectful and responsible.

It was "AWESOME!!"

Thank you God!

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