Friday, June 18, 2010

The Wind and the Rain and the Dirt

The day started hot and humid. Even at 7am, the temperatures neared 80 degrees. I leashed the dog and we headed out. One lap for him, two more for me. As we walked, I noticed the clear blue sky overhead - and the roll of thunder in the distance.

During the time I was showering, the sky was transformed, and enroute to my martial arts class, it POURED. It rained the duration of my class. Periodically, I looked out, thinking how refreshing the cool rain would feel on my hot, sweaty face. By the time I returned home, the sky was blue again, and the rain had stopped.

I had been wanting to experience the rain on my face - to dance before God in the cool warmth of a summer rain. Apparently, I'd have to wait a little longer.

After lunch, I headed out to "Tend the Earth". The flowerbed at the mailbox was overgrown with grass, as was a part of the vegetable garden. I headed out and sat by the mailbox. Gentle melodies and prayers formed together in my head as I pulled the slender blades of grass from between the zinnias.

The temperature had risen again, following the storm, and the humidity was climbing again as well. Sweat dripped from my brow as I pulled and sang.

Heading to the vegetable garden, I kicked off my flip flops. The soil was warm and giving beneath my feet. I continued to sit, pray and sing as I pulled the grass from between the tomatoes and the herbs. The two yellow pear tomatoes that had ripened made it into my mouth.

Before long, the wind had picked up, blowing the hair out of my face. I took my sunglasses off as the sky darkened again. I heard the gentle rolls of thunder beginning again in the distance. "YES!" Before long, I hoped to have my opportunity.

The wind continued to blow, and I continued to weed and sing and pray - this time with grateful anticipation.

Finally, the first drop fell. I continued to weed until it was a steady shower. Then, I stood, and spun around like a little girl.

"Thank You, God for the rain on my face...."

"Wanna Dance....?"

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