Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I don't need...

I think perhaps when the serpent tempted Eve with the apple, it was an iPod Touch!

It was (past) time to update my business computer. I decided to go back to Mac. My first computer was a Mac, and I've loved every Mac I have owned. So, ordered one. With it, came a "free" (after rebate), iPod Touch.

Oh. My. Gosh!! It's about the coolest thing ever. Cooler than that, though is what I realized.

When I got it, I updated my Facebook status - remotely - "Linda can't believe she resisted so long". One reply I got reminded me that "Resistance drains energy - Acceptance saves it - Cheerfulness sustains it". I argued that I was *actively* resisting... I just didn't think I needed it. (But now realize how WONDERFUL it is.)

And then God whispered in my ear: ".... and about how many other things do you feel the same...?" (DOH!)

My step lightened, and I began to think of some of the things I don't really think I need - and probably, don't *NEED*... but, God has available for me if I am willing to receive. (I'm not talking "stuff" here....)

whoa. Makes a girl think.

For a moment, I saw myself running wide-armed saying... "Bring it!"

And, I wonder what makes me slow my pace and eventually say "uhm... no thanks. I don't need that."

I'm sure that's part of the lesson plan....

"Bring it! God.... Bring it!"

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