Tuesday, June 22, 2010

".... Glad Songs of Salvation...."

I find myself today having switched the songs that have been imprinted in my head. I'm still in a Mosaic motif, but I've switched from Repentance to Glad Songs of Salvation.

Which, quite honestly, is very upbeat! I love it. I love the bits of Hebrew that are thrown in as well... "Barukh atah El Roi, Hallelujah!" is the verse that wants to sing out the most. "Blessed are You, the God who sees" (Hallelujah!)

Ah yes.... "... You are the God who sees and knows...."

You are, and I am ever grateful!! You see more than I will ever see, and You know more than I will ever know.


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Susan said...

The songs that have been stuck in my head lately are "Holy Spirit Come" and "Oh Healer of the Mess I've Made." Have a great day!