Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Song Stalking Continues

I continue to be Stalked by God through the song, Repentance by Mosaic. I heard it first less than a week ago, and bits and pieces play through my head throughout the day. It plays on repeat in my car, and on my computer.

Today I found myself having the courage to actually sing through it entirely. No big deal, perhaps, except.... When you start a song/prayer with the words "Humble me", when talking to God, expect to be humbled. When you invite Him to "expose the depths of my heart", prepare to find things deep within that perhaps you didn't know was there - or didn't want to remember.

From my perspective, He and I have done a pretty good job of cleaning out the cobwebs and shining lights in dark corners of my life. But, then again, He and I have had differing perspectives before. I can only imagine what is coming with a song about "repentance". I will have to wait and see. But til then, I sing and walk forward.

God is good, and bringing many good things my way. Of this I am certain. The packaging of such gifts remains a mystery.

You can hear a preview here,if you'd like.

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