Saturday, December 5, 2009

Feeling Strong

I attended a womens' self defense class, which was held at my son's karate studio. It was fabulous. Loved it. I knew I would. I also knew I would feel the 'bite'.

Several years ago, I dabbled in Hapkido. Loved IT as well.

And tonight, as I left that class, I felt the same as I did those years ago. I would roundhouse kick the bag, and people would ask, "Do you feel better?" Of COURSE I did. "Yes!" I'd reply. Their next question usually had to do with anger - why or at whom was I so angry.

"Oh, I'm not angry," I said. It had nothing to do with anger - it had to do with strength and peace at my core. I stood taller, I walked straighter and felt the weight of concerns disappear for a while.

I prayed as I left, for God to be very clear, and for some doors to appear. I very much want to join the adult karate class. As it stands now, there are too many conflicts in the scheduling for it to be "right".

And then.... I hear whisperings of a door....

Now, patiently, I wait....

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