Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa Requests

Part of me is amused. The other part is appalled.

I had left my kids with a sitter while I went to the grocery store and a yoga class. I came home to find two letters on the counter addressed to "Santa. North Pole." The sitter had planned to take them with her to Macy's Big Red Santa Mailbox, but apparently, she forgot.

I offered to drop them by the post office on my way to work..... but I just had to peek...

I very carefully peeled back the three silver stars that held the yellow envelope closed. This one, from my daughter. As I pull the folded note out of the envelope, I see the words "Magical Powers, too". I shook my head silently.

They had mentioned that morning that some of their friends at school didn't believe in Santa: "THEY said ' the parents are Santa' ". I made a funny face as I replied, "Huh?"

Yet, something about the additional "magical powers" request made me think they were testing the abilities of Santa Claus this year.

I unfolded the paper to see what else made the list. It was pretty complete, taking up nearly every line of the paper. About mid-way through were three that stuck out. The third had me laughing so hard I had to put the paper away, the remainder, unread. They are (and I quote):

"Dell mini (purple)
sell phone (purple)
Aliens with space ship (any planet)"

Seriously? Eight year-olds don't need aliens to care for! (nor do they need laptops or cell phones in my eyes, but apparently, these are negotiables by the world's standards.)

To contrast her extensive list, her brother had only one thing on his:

"Some real live Pokemon (not starly or magikarp)"

I am speechless...

.... it seems that they know what they want.

I'm curious to see what Santa drops at our house this year.

On my list would be:

"Gratitude for what we have.
An opportunity to give.
Joy, Peace, Hope and Love as the reminder of why we celebrate Christmas at all...."

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