Sunday, December 13, 2009


Having spent an evening of animated discussion and debate with about a dozen kids adding their voices and energy to the mix, I am currently enjoying the silence.

I enjoyed the evening tremendously, but it makes the quiet of the night more profound. My kids are asleep, my dog is outside, my cat is snuggled beside me on the dog's crate. The only sound I hear is the clattering of the keyboard beneath my fingers.

It makes me wonder. I wonder sometimes what it would be like to be deaf. To live in a world of silence. Sometimes I am envious of those who are able to remove their hearing aids when the world around me is L O U D. But I think I would miss the melodies that are so interwoven through my life.

I also wonder why it is that sometimes I try to change this. There are times when I find myself in silence, that I want it to end. I turn on the radio, or talk aloud.

It's funny, perspective. It can change my beliefs on something, how I categorize it, and how I respond.

Help me to remember the peace and the joy I fee here and now in the silence of my home....

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