Saturday, December 26, 2009

Peace on Earth

The drive to work on Christmas morning was magical. Lights on houses lit the countryside as I drove toward the interstate. I spent that part of my drive wondering which of the houses held children, who would in a few hours, wake up to the excitement of Christmas morning.

I wondered how many of them knew the significance of the day, and also how many, behind their walls were struggling - physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually...

My time on the interstate was spent in prayer - for unknown needs of unknown people. The roads were essentially vacant, and there was a stillness around the city.

Parking, I wondered how the day would be. Would it be peaceful and mundane, or would it be wrought with assaults? The answer was somewhere in between.

Thank You God for Peace on earth, for the quiet - the stillness mixed with anticipation. It is a gift.

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Susan said...

My prayer is to see others as God sees them. I just can't, though. With his help, I sometimes catch a tiny glimpse and am able to show a bit of grace. I appreciate you.