Thursday, December 17, 2009

".... you can have all this world...."

Sometimes I wonder if all of this (she gestures to the area to her left that is designated 'the world') will make sense one day. It sure doesn't always as I walk through it...

It's been a day or two of sorting through thoughts and feelings - letting them wrestle from time to time, then reigning them back in. I've had opportunities to seek and receive feedback internally and externally. And, honestly, it's exhausting. Necessary, but exhausting.

So, there I show up at church, for a concert - Mosaic (check 'em out - they're awesome!) - to interpret with my mentor-friend. I was feeling a little "raw", and very ill-prepared. I'd heard some of their music before, but hadn't really had time to do any focused listening.... All I knew was that God can do all things, my interpreter friend would help if need be, my deaf friend is very forgiving, and the people in the congregation are my beloved church family.

We divided the list and it began. Half-way through we trade. It's my turn.

And here is where exactly the song I need to interpret lies. With tears streaming down my face, I sign:

"You can have all this world,.... Give me Jesus."

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