Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Sweet Tradition

We started a "sweet tradition" the December we moved into our new house. We invite some of the kids friends over to decorate sugar cookies of various shapes and sizes.

Kids are spread out around the table and bowls of icing with paintbrushes are lined up in the middle. Jars of sprinkles and different colored sugar toppings are passed around as each creation is in need.

It has become more and more enjoyable for me, as the kids have become older. The eight year olds of today require MUCH less assistance than the six year olds did in years past. For me, it has become an opportunity for my kids to have a task focused party/playdate, while I visit with the moms that inevitably pick up a brush to paint the remaining naked cookies.

One of the things I've realized through the years. While I don't like crowds, I do enjoy having people in my home. I like to open my house for some kid fun and some adult socializing: Low key, no stress, bare feet and jeans. That's me.

I'm glad I am finally realizing this information. I am sure He had been telling me for YEARS before I finally heard.

Thank you God for your patience with me, as you continue to show me who I am through who You are.

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