Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hope Never Ends

Hope is the most incredible thing. Words fail me, when I try to describe it. There is just something about it - all-encompassing. Empowering. Contagious.

Yet, sometimes it feels like there is no hope. I remember feeling that way many years ago. One of the women that God had brought into my life shared something that I will always remember. On a bookmark she had made me for Christmas, she had written:

"Hope never ends... It is renewed over and over again, as we continue to risk to be honest"

I thought about that for a while. "Hope never ends..." It's always there. Hmmm... Like God. And, like God, the days that I don't feel hopeful, are the days that I've turned my back to hope, focusing solely on the world and on my troubles.

And then I read the rest of it. "It is renewed over and over again, as we continue to risk to be honest." Risking to be honest. Wow. Ain't THAT the truth. It is a risk to be honest, some days - to walk in the Truth. The Truth and the world are often polar opposites. And choosing Truth sometimes seems like choosing a heap of trouble... or at least some hard, hard work.

But I do agree... the times that I have risked to be honest, are the times that I have felt a renewal of hope. The days where I have taken off the robe of expectation and the mask of superficial "nice-nice" and stepped into the Truth - however ugly and messy it may be - were the days when the gloom and despair went away.

Overpowered by Truth, the secrets and darkness had no place. Captive no longer, all I could see is Hope.

The Truth always comes to the Light. And in the Light is Hope. And Life. And God.

Hope, like Love, never ends....

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