Thursday, December 11, 2008

Traditional Ornamentation

At my open house, someone commented on my Christmas tree. It is covered in ornaments from all different periods of my life and in multiple genres.

There are the hand crafted toddler-made bells and stars, and the needlepoint bells and crocheted stars hand-crafted by adults. There are crosses of various shapes and sizes, and a few ornaments that have been gifts over the years. As I unwrap each one from it's storage box, I smile and remember the year it was added to our collection, and silently re-thank the giver or creator.

And then there are my "traditional" ornaments. I don't mean the shiny glass ball ornaments, either.... I mean MY "tradition"-al ornaments.

When my children were little, I started a tradition. Every year, I get an ornament made (a white porcelain snowflake) with the picture from our Christmas Card. I also create a framed ornament with a picture of each child for that year. I have school pictures, pictures from a parent's (shopping) night out, infant shots. As the years pass, I see more and more white porcelain snowflakes with our pictures in them. More and more smiling faces. And I am overfilled with Joy.

I have been given such a remarkable gift in raising these children. They have been given into my care, and blessed me beyond my wildest imaginings!

They also remind me of the other remarkable Gift that was given - the One for which we celebrate Christmas. Every year, that reminder travels deeper and deeper into my heart. Blessed beyond my wildest imaginings, indeed! There are no words that seem adequate.

"Thank you God!" will have to suffice.

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