Monday, December 29, 2008


It is always greatly encouraging to me when I am given confirmations about some of my thoughts and plans.... especially in the times when I am trying to discern if it's a "Linda Original" (God help us!) or if it's me really hearing His will for me. It's as if I am hearing God say "Yes. That is what I mean."

There have been several that come to mind this past year, but I'll just share one or two.

The first one took me a few days to realize - thank God, or I would have fallen out of my seat or ran very fast from the room. I had agreed to meet with the interpreter at church for the first time. I was nervous. She was nice enough, but I'm not a big 'stranger' person, and definitely not a big up-there-in-front-of-people person, and if I were going to interpret, there I would be. She walked in to the room, and the first sign she showed me was "Up until now". I didn't think anything of it then. At home, a few days later, it hit me. "Up until now", in English, also translates "Thus far". My key phrase which always reminds me - I have no idea where we are going from here, but Thus Far, God has been with me.

The next example came shortly before my return to the State Park. I was at an event of Priscilla Shirer's. It was the worship portion of the program. There was a song I didn't know. But it had a phrase in it that I needed to hear - over and over again. And then she said these words:

"I'm here to declare to You that my past is over"

After that there was no NOT going. I definitely needed to. Whatever would happen would happen. I just needed to show up.

And most recently at church. It happens frequently, actually. The pastor will speak about something I've just blogged about (I mean JUST blogged about - that morning or the night before) - or something that I've been thinking about.

This week was the end of the year summary, look forward to the new year sermon. Many, many of the plans for the church - including some of the words and phrases that he chose to speak - are plans that I have decided for myself personally.... even in situations where the phrases have somewhat different meanings for a person, than for a church, hearing the words back, provided confirmation.

And as I was sitting there, listening - with my eyes and my ears - it occurred to me, how supremely blessed I am to be in a place where the corporate goals are so similar to my personal goals. It was again the "Yes. That is what I mean" that encourages me to continue to focus on the growth and continue on the path that I am on.

Thank You, God.


Anonymous said...

I learned along time ago that there is no such things as random occurrences, thus far...

JoAnn said...

God lives in our happenstances, coincidences, and serendipitous. There are no accidents, only God breathed moments :)
Love ya!
Jo Ann