Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Coming into the Home Stretch

The insanity of my holiday season is coming to a close! YES! I am very excited about that! I look forward to the decrescendo, and honestly, I long for a little boredom!

There are no more 'events' to prepare for - the Christmas letter is written, the cards are mailed, the shopping is complete, and essentially wrapped (and truth be known, mostly unwrapped as well!). Parties and gatherings have been hosted and attended.

The latest was the Grandparent meal. It's quickly becoming a Christmas tradition. Every year during my mother's visit, the Grandparents from both sides come to my house and share a meal. It's become a really a nice way to spend an afternoon.

What remains ahead is an unplanned day and a Christmas Eve candlelight service. Being with God by candlelight is honestly one of my favorite ways to worship. I'm excited to interpret with a harp and violin...and anticipate the peace that overcomes me, as the sanctuary is illuminated by candlelight.

There will be the task of tucking two very excited children into their beds. But, I know, as they listen for sounds of reindeer, I will be listening for echos of angels' wings. And as I become still and listen, my heart will be filled with the Peace, Joy, Hope and Love that is Christmas.

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