Friday, December 26, 2008

I WILL Praise You in This Storm

So... it was a memorable Christmas - not one I want to repeat anytime soon, but definitely memorable! One of my "gifts" was the GI bug that my daughter and mother had last week. Christmas (early) Morning for me was spent hourly praying for mercy and healing from the dry heaves.

As predicted, based on the experiences of the other two, after 12 hours, I'm feeling significantly better. Thank you God!

A couple of IM conversations during the day have me coming back to my current mantra: "I WILL praise You in this storm", as my gratitude list grows longer and longer.

The first few that come to mind:

I am grateful that this hit me AFTER Santa had been by.

I am grateful for my two wonderful children, who not only agreed to postpone their Christmas exuberance for 30 minutes, so I could rest, but helped their mom to her first serving of Jello.

I am grateful that they were able to entertain themselves for several hours when I was totally useless.

I am grateful I made it to the living room and was able to take pictures of the kids opening their stockings.

I am grateful that my ex-husband is a good person, and helped me get settled when he picked up the kids.

I am grateful for my laptop.

I am grateful for my friends - both face to face and online.

I am grateful for my ample supply of Jello, popsicles, ginger ale and saltines.

I am grateful for the ability to stay in bed and doze... all day long.

I am grateful that I process these ailments quickly.

I am grateful for a God that is with me no matter what.

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