Saturday, December 27, 2008


It's been on my mind today. "Deciding".... "choosing"... "living intentionally"

There is a huge difference between thinking about something, or wanting something, and deciding to do it. The difference between choosing and not. In merely being alive and fully living life.

Be it health, happiness, finances, or faith.

Deciding involves being intentional about choices. There are some areas that I take for granted. Some areas where choosing is easy, and other areas where I don't always see that there is a choice (there always is!). And sometimes, by not choosing, I am choosing (but that's another story altogether).

But, deciding is not all about my strength. Sometimes the hardest, but most appropriate choice is "surrender". To hand over my will and accept His. To give up my plans for me and accept His. To quit doing things as I always have, and accept that His ways are better.

Today I wish to choose. I don't have any true power over the outcome - I do believe in grace and mercy, and the steadfastness of His love.

I am deciding to live intentionally.

I choose health. May I live as He has intended.

I choose happiness. May I rejoice in knowing that He is enough.

I choose faith. May it stay strong in my weakness.

I choose to surrender... May I pick up my cross and follow after Him.

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