Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Most Beautiful Snow....

There are no other words for what I witnessed this afternoon.

It. Was. Beautiful. The snow was falling in big flakes - FAST. It was a New England snowfall - though thankfully, no where NEAR the accumulation that they have been receiving.

My kids had been picked up by a neighborhood friend, and it was time for me to go get them. I decided I would walk rather than risk the hills with the car. It. Was. Beautiful.

The kids and I walked back to the house, up the hill - checking it out for sled-ability for the morning (I think it'll be a GO!), and as I pulled up to my house, I realized I had left the kitchen lights on.

I pulled my camera out of my pocket and took this shot. I think it is the closest I will ever come to living in a Thomas Kinkade painting.

It reminds me how beautiful my home is, how beautiful my life is, and how beautiful this snow is! Thank You God!

(and please send sun to clean up the roads.... I have to get to work in the next day or so!)

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