Friday, January 7, 2011

Following Directions... no matter how odd

Let me preface this by saying that NEVER in a million lifetimes would I ever have thought I would be writing this story. It is, unfortunately, or fortunately, true.

I had been hurried out of my bathroom. From time to time, the toilet runs...needs a little jiggle of the handle,... you know the situation. But, I'd hurried out and gotten distracted in the kitchen.

I ran back to my bedroom to get the charger for my cell phone, so that it would be ready when we had to leave about 30 minutes later. As I step into my bedroom, I hear the toilet running.... so I walk over to jiggle the handle... and step into a puddle.

"No! No! No! No! NO!!"

I was a good four to five feet from the toilet itself. Quick jiggle, and it stops. I grab every towel I own and begin throwing them on the floor - especially around the heat/air vents. The water has moved all the way across my bathroom, and found it's way under the big book shelf that holds the towels, some jewelry and miscellaneous nick-nacks. After damming up the water, I tilted it first in one direction and then another, to place a thick towel beneath it to dry the portion in contact with the ground.

Certainly not what I had planned for the afternoon, but aside from the now wet towels in the tub, disaster averted.... or so I thought.

Walking back into the kitchen, muttering under my breath, I pause at the thermostat.

"Turn it up, dry out your vents"

So I did.

Typically, I'd leave it at that - the two vents that got wet are the two most prolific when it comes to air flow.

"Now check them."

I paused. "Seriously?"

"Check. Them."

So,.... I did.

And then I cussed. Oh yeah. Big and bad.

No, couldn't possibly be! And thus began my opportunity to second guess myself. I placed a tissue over the narrower vent to SEE the airflow that I apparently couldn't feel. No go. I went to two other vents - which were, of course, flowing beautifully.

(I'm pretty sure I cussed again as my brain went into overdrive trying to problem-solve)

"Now what?" I asked aloud.

I stuck my arm down the larger of the two vents, and found standing water that came up over my wrist. *sigh*

I tried to get the fish-tank vacuum to siphon it out. No luck. I wracked my brain

"Stick something down, absorb it and wring it out".

"Seriously??" OK, God, You've given me some pretty odd directions in the past, but this one... I tried to think of all of the cool medical tools I'd have access to at the hospital... heck, I'd have given my eye teeth for one of the contraptions they us to pull fluid off of someones chest... but no. No thoracentesis tray. Absorb it with something, You say... like a sheet?

So, I found a piece of cloth I was willing to throw out if need be, and stuck it down the vent. I removed it soaking wet, and wrung it out into the large trash can. I stuck it in again... and again.... and again.... and again. Gallons of water....

FINALLY... airflow! And no water that I could feel - despite sticking my arm down the vent, all the way up to the armpit! YES!

Now, to the second vent. As I crammed my arm into the smaller vent, pulled out the wet fabric, wrung it out and started again, I began to try to think through the next steps? I've had a tetanus shot, so these scrapes on my arm should be OK with a little soap and water. Air is on, so that will help dry them out. But is there anything else I need to do? (Will it be OK?) Who would I call?

I paused there when I realized, I was considering my options... I had SEVERAL people I could call! What a gift!! But, who would be most beneficial? Do I know anyone who works on HVAC or ductwork? (besides the people who replaced some of it not long ago?)

I was overwhelmed with the realization of exactly how blessed I am. There I am mopping the water out of my air vents, and even though I am the only one sticking the cloth in and wringing it out, I am not alone in this. Thank You God!

But seriously now, who should I call?

"Ask your pastor, he'll know who to ask..."

So, I texted him. He did kn0w someone who works on HVAC. And sent me the number. And I called.... and he walked me through the rest of it.

(One day, I'm sure I will look back and laugh.... one day.....)

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