Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Plans for February!

I have to "speak" it to make it more real.

I was flipping through my Facebook wall, and noticed a picture of a cute little boy belonging to a woman I met a decade or so ago. I commented on the picture, and then, of course, got slews of comments from her other friends - none of which I know. (That, in itself is the fodder for another blog... Facebook...)

BUT, in one of my friend's replies, she commented that her family was having a "spend-free" month. "WOW", I thought..."How interesting would THAT be?"

Since that thought has recurred at least daily since then, I've accepted that challenge for February. (short month and all!!)

"Spend-Free". 28 days. No extraneous expenditures.

I'm very curious to see how my children and I will react....

Start praying for me now....

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