Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Settling in With a Good Book

I took the opportunity to head to bed a few minutes early the other night. My daughter tucked me in - which is our family tradition on nights when I retire before she does. It's delightful and sweet, and makes us both smile.

So, after being tucked into bed, I pulled out my book. "The Heartmender" by Andy Andrews. I had gone into the bookstore to find a copy of "The Noticer", by the same author, as a gift for a new friend. When I got to the shelf where it would be, there, at eye level, was the new book by the same author. I had really enjoyed "The Noticer", so I reached for it, and then saw the title. "Ugh!" I rolled my eyes. "OK. OK. I'll get it....."

So, I began reading....and loved it.

Tonight, I am going to do the same....sneak into bed a little early and pull out another book from the stack I have by my bed.... We'll see what catches my eye!

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