Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It sure has taken a turn toward winter. It's frosty in the mornings and we even had some flurries this past Sunday.

It makes me wonder what kind of winter we'll have. My kids (and I!) hope that we'll have one (or two!) days where we can really sled like we did last year. That was really a lot of fun! It's not a typical Tennessee thing to do, so the fact that we got to was VERY special!

I like the bits of cold - the briskness in the air. I like the flurries. But I also like the fact that typically it gets ABOVE freezing during the day - "typically". Doesn't look that way for this upcoming week. But only God knows for sure.

I'm grateful for our house. That we have heat and shelter. We have warm clothes and warm food.

We are truly, truly blessed!

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