Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preparing for Ice

So, one thing I've learned in my time living here in the South, is there is not much to do about ice. Except, of course to prepare.

I was pleasantly surprised to find milk and bread at the grocery store - but perhaps I hit the timing just right - I don't think the FULL FLEDGED warnings had emerged, AND, perhaps people were still well stocked following our recent snow 'storm'.

I have to admit, there is still a little Yankee part of me that giggles at the thought of school being canceled for an inch of snow (or a threat of snow). BUT, there is also the realistic part of me that has seen the real dangers on the roads following the snow.

AND, I have seen that snow and ice - and even 'wintery mix' - are very different. So, as I read my "alert" on my phone, calling for perhaps a 1/4 inch of ice to arrive in this area, I began to think: Do I have food? Yes. Do I have food that does not need to be cooked? Not so much. Flashlights? Yes. Alternate heat? Yes (have I mentioned how much I love my fireplace yet??) Fully charged cell phones? Will do.

And that is all I can do. The rest is up to God. He knows whether we'll get snow or rain - or ice. He'll know how long it will last and the effects it will have to this area.

I can prepare, but I have to leave the outcome to Him.

I can also pray that he keeps us all safe...

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