Monday, December 13, 2010

Not as I Had Planned

So... it was a day that did not go as I had planned.

It started with my minivan dying on the interstate. I fear it is a horribly fatal death and not a resurrectable one.... but we shall see... perhaps the mechanic will be in tomorrow to pronounce it's fate. Perhaps not. It snowed.

I was on my way to my son's baptism. He was to be baptized at his dad's church. When his dad picked me up - because fortunately, the van died right near there - he let me know that he would ALSO be baptized. wow.

The drive home - in a borrowed standard-shift pick up truck (had to pull that skill set out from the far recesses of my brain....) - was draining. It had snowed and was snowing. The roads were slick, and I was in a vehicle that wouldn't have been my first choice to drive.

BUT... when I look back. It couldn't have been more perfectly timed. Really. Yes, it would have been delightful for the van to still be running... but...

If it had to die, it couldn't have been in a better place, at a better time. And, if I have to buy a new one.... which I very well may.... once I wrap my brain around having a car note, it'll all be good.

AND... No school because of the snow.... wahoo!

1 comment:

Katie said...

Oh wow - well, we know God works all things together for good.... :-)

Missed you yesterday!!! Love you.