Saturday, December 11, 2010

Connecting the Dots

"Let me connect the dots for you...."

It's a phrase I hear often, as he explains how two things are linked together.

It's also a phrase I feel like God is showing me lately. Things are inter-related - or perhaps parallel each other in a way that they sort of "mirror" each other. Sometimes the changes are easier to make in the mirrored image. But, when they are done, they also help to break the chains in their paralleled scenario.

This connects to that, which relates to the other thing. As one area heals and grows, so does the whole.

Movies portray a hope of a future, and face to face conversations seem to encourage both.

Dots are connected, pictures become whole. And once the image is clear, choices can be made more confidently and with greater assurance that they are correct decisions.

There is hope and God speaks clearly as He connects the dots in my life.

Chains are broken. Steps are taken. Wounds are healed. Lives are changed.

Thank You for connecting the dots....

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