Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preparing to Retreat

Well.... it's time for my fall retreat. :)

I love those days.... just me and God. May not be a WHOLE day - heck, can't be a WHOLE day, there are kids to pick up and cart around....

But... I have the plan, and the means to put it into action.

AND... it's something on my "Bucket List".

When I lived in The Womb House, there was a trail with some backwaters that surrounded it. The whole time I lived there (5 years), I thought to myself - "I should explore this area in a kayak".

Well.... there you go. Next week: One kayak, one woman, one God, one day.

I can't wait!

(ESPECIALLY since I have a zillion things to cross off my list before then... :) )

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