Thursday, September 23, 2010

Orange Belt

This week, my daughter and I should be receiving our Orange Belts in our respective martial arts classes..... and the boy-child will be receiving his Brown Belt.

It is a reminder to me of all the hard work we have been putting into our training.

It also is a reminder to me of what a positive impact martial arts has had on my family.

I feel better - physically, mentally, spiritually. It's hard to describe, really. "Stronger", yes... but not in the muscle-y way. "Stronger" in a 'deep-in-my-core' sort of way..... There in my gut, I feel it.

The chatter in my head slows down, and my spirit has a moment to be still.

Between the kia's and the kicks, you wouldn't thing there would be a place for silence and solitude, but there is.

And then, there are the characteristics of being a Black Belt that we aim toward that remind me of the goodness in life.

Thank You God for bringing me - kicking an screaming (LITERALLY!) - to my MMA!

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