Saturday, September 25, 2010

Messing with My Head

I woke up feeling great. Showered. Got dressed - a little "sassy" even. I mean, it even had a ruffle, which is a little more "girly" than I usually find myself wearing. I went to a couple of meetings, and headed to the grocery store.

I was thrilled to find myself - at the store - craving HEALTHY things. I mean, I barely even walked through the middle of the store. It was like "what other wonderful thing can I add to my salad for lunch?" (and it was a GOOOOOD salad!)

Driving home, it started. I glanced over my shoulder to switch lanes. I noticed my arm. "Uhm, that doesn't look like MY arm...." It's changed. There is definition.

Same thing as I passed the mirror... Tucked in my shirt.... Lay on the floor and stretched.

It doesn't look or feel like "me".

It's not BAD. I have worked hard for this.... and I haven't reached my goal yet. But it's different from where I was. And that sort of messes with my head.

I'm glad I can speak it. And I'm glad I can ask God to heal it. I want to fully rejoice in it. But, right now.... it's just a little weird.

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