Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grace in the World

So.... I goofed. I didn't pay attention to details, and forgot to change the date that my mortgage would come out of my checking account, as I set up up the online payment for next month. It should have come out AFTER I got paid at the end of the month, and not before. Yes, as you might imagine, that was a big, painful mistake. "Stupid tax", as Dave Ramsey would call it.

Fortunately, it was merely inconvenient, and yes, I will pay "stupid tax", but it wasn't a complete disaster. A year ago, it would have been. But, God is gracious and kind.

I found out that my bank is as well. I went to ask if they still had the program where - if I do something stupid like that again - the money gets transferred from my savings account "automagically". They do, and I signed up for it. Then came the surprise.

He picked up the phone and called the branch where my account was initiated. He asked them if they could waive some of the fees they charged me for the items that went through after my mortgage was deducted. They ended up waiving about 60% of the fees. (Yea God!)

So.... I have experienced (unsolicited) grace, and been reminded once again... Details in my day to day life really DO matter.

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