Thursday, September 15, 2011

Agenda? What Agenda....?

I feel like I keep getting "busted" by God....  which is OK, really.  I'm in a good place - all things considered - which is a great gift (considering all that is going on!),

The thing I have discovered with this gimpy leg of mine, is not so much the pain and frustration of taking twice as long to get from point A to point B.... it's that I have a PLAN for it.  (And not *just* a plan for it, but a plan that is at risk to not come to fruition....)

I've been looking forward to my upcoming retreat, with periodic prodding to "get this" or "bring that" - which I have done.  I THOUGHT I had it set aside as a "Your plans for me, Lord" weekend.  But the closer it gets from *right now*, the more anxious I get that I won't be able to HIKE.

I want to HIKE... (might even consider that ridiculous boot! :)  kidding.... sort of....).  So, apparently, I DO have an agenda for the weekend.

I love to hike.  I love the quiet and the out of doors, and the God-and-me conversations that occur when I am putting one foot in front of the other.

I suppose, ultimately, time will tell... And He knows the plans He has for me - and this retreat weekend.  May I follow and not try to lead...

(Note to self:  Better add ibuprofen to the "Bring this...." list)

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