Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome, or Invited?

As I walked through my front door, after some God-talk with a friend, I stopped and wondered...

Is God "welcome" in my home and in my life, or have I truly "invited" Him in?

Well, certainly, He is welcome.  In nearly every room, there is some reference to Him, or His Word.  Outside the front door, is the stone that stands to remind me of my "Thus Far" experience.

OF COURSE He is welcome... I love to witness and be a part of His hand in my life and in the lives of those around me.  It encourages me in the hard times to know that He is there (for me).

But that wasn't really the question, was it?

Have I *invited* Him?  OR... better question, do I continue to invite Him..... into my home, into my life, into my day to day decisions?

Have I invited Him? Sure, once or twice, I'm sure I have, but day to day? Answering honestly, that would likely be a "no".  I'm afraid I don't.

More often, it's more of a "Thanks God for the stuff you do for me, that way things work out in ways that I could NEVER coordinate!  But, this thing.... I got!"

I will say, though, there have been a few things lately, that I HAVE invited Him into - cause I know "I don't got..." and He remains faithful.  Leading, directing, encouraging, supporting, and loving me through...

But, imagine the way my life would be different, if I DID invite Him in to the day to day - before I ran off in one direction or the other.  If I actually asked and listened - and trusted and obeyed.

Imagine the things He could do - that I could witness and experience, if only I would invite Him in...

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