Sunday, November 14, 2010

Willing Hands and Willing Hearts

It was a wonderful day! The people had gathered for the interpreting workshop. We were there with willing hands and willing hearts, not one of us feeling worthy to be there.

I had stopped to consider the path that had taken me from my first experimentation with the language, to my moment sitting in the congregation, fascinated with the interpreter.

I felt something stir when they talked about needing help in the deaf ministry. I so couldn't do that... no way. But, a willing heart and willing hands soon had me in the midst if it.

As I stood and watched the crowd, and my friend spoke about signing in concepts, I watched the lightbulbs come on. I'd glance over to see a facial expression softened, or a tear fill an eye.

I started searching for Him. I knew He was there, I could feel it....I could see Him in my friend.

She was teaching about American Sign Language, but she was also speaking of Jesus - in her words and in her actions.

I began to look around the room again. I watched His hand touch person after person. I watched the seeds being planted.

I left with hopeful expectation. I look forward too seeing - perhaps one day - the fruit these seeds that He planted will bear.

I pray that they will be watered an continue to be cultivated. I pray the relationships and friendships that have begun will continue and flourish. I pray that encouragement continue to flow in both directions.

Willing hands and a willing heart is all we had to offer. He did the rest!

And, it was amazing to witness...
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