Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grateful for MMA

Just gotta say, I'm grateful for my MMA.

I went from my teaching job toward the karate school in a fairly bad mood.... mostly because I had to kill some time, and wasn't able to be where I wanted to be... well, I could have, but not under circumstances that I cared to experience.

So, I tried to think of what needed to be done before the weekend, when my boy-child celebrates his birthday. Ah yes... paper products and goody bags. So I began that adventure.

As I did, I remembered my friend's recent prayer session that I got kicked out of. I laughed aloud, and began a similar session.

I had bought some chocolate to add to the goody bags, and began to crave a piece... which, of course you know leads to another....

I remembered the Mosaic song "Live in Victory" that I had interpreted over the weekend. Basically, it said that I could resist temptation if I ".... call on Christ who strengthens me...."

So I gave that a whirl.

I was still annoyed, though....

BUT... then there was MMA. Some aerobic exercise and a good dose of kicking later, I feel great.

Ready to sleep and then begin a new day.

Thank You, God for my MMA....

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