Monday, November 15, 2010

Let the Processing Begin

Our trip has come to a close and we have returned home.... but not before being able to see some of the good works that He has begun. The stage that the construction team revised supported our friends, Mosaic, as they led the worship Sunday morning.

The music was powerful. We had talked about the events of the weekend the previous night. Throughout the worship service, we kept experiencing "God moments", when He would make his presence known.

As the band played Mighty to Save, I could see the slide show flashing through my head. People we had met, situations we had laughed over.... or cried over. The moments of prayer and of conviction.

Those tears that appear (that I'm so famous for!) came rolling down my cheeks.

As the songs continued, a lyric would pop up that perfectly fit a situation we had experienced, or connected the dots between them.

Over and over and over again, God showed up. On our hands, on our faces, in our hearts, and in our arms outstretched toward Him.

And now, I am home.

Let the processing begin....

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