Thursday, November 11, 2010

The. Last. Minute

That's how this trip will be.... down to the last minute, I will be preparing.

I have (mostly) packed - except for the things that I need in the morning. I have the list of things not to forget to bring... or do.

*run the dishwasher
*bring the trash to the curb
*fill the cat's feeder
*empty her litter box
*place a love-note in each of my kids bags for their sleep over

All of the electronics are charging or have been charged. There is room on the camera card.

I have vacuumed.

I have my bible, and my toothbrush. There are still a few things to pick up tomorrow before we go.

And as I check things off the to-do list, I thank God for this opportunity. I have no idea what waits on the other side of Kentucky. I just know I'm going.

Willing heart. Willing hands.

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