Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Closer I Get....

It has been interesting to watch the past few months....

I have been reminded of some of the things I love deep down. I have been reminded that in my core, I am a Jeans and Boots kind of girl. I love being out of doors. I love working with my hands.

I am strong, courageous and tenderhearted.

And, as I take steps toward that which feels authentic, I learn that there is more within me. I find a sweater that I love, and a blouse that has more ruffle than I'd think of myself in. Yet, that too feels equally authentic.

It's as if, as the things that I know to be true come in to clearer focus, so does the periphery that I hadn't noticed before.

Thank You for showing me, reminding me, leading me and teaching me.

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