Friday, January 22, 2010

Thinking Back....

It started with the Facebook "post an retro picture" week. I knew EXACTLY which picture I needed to post. It's a nice picture... but it's so "not me".

I found it - while looking in my closet for my Myers-Briggs results - and posted it to Facebook. There are a few folks on there who knew me during those years. They were my long-haired North Carolina years. My EMS years. My searching, but not quite finding years. I do have some very good memories from that time, and some days I would never choose to relive.

I had the picture made at Glamour Shots. (pfft - another "NOT ME"!) I let them tease my hair and paint my face, but drew the line at that. They could keep their boas and crazy clothes and props.... I felt ridiculous enough as it was! But it was a gift, so I did my best to endure it.

When it was done, I returned to jeans, boots and ponytails. Much more my style.

It's fun to look back sometimes, remember where I've been. I'm grateful that I am not "not quite finding" anymore. And I am grateful to be comfortable in my own skin.

Thank You God for that....

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