Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Crunch of the Snow....

I had an opportunity - it actually kind of grabbed me and said "C'mon!" - so I grabbed a hoodie (to put under my jacket), my gloves and the dog's leash and we headed out the door.

Talk about a mixture of thoughts, feelings and voices all swirling around competing for utmost attention:

"It's not so bad out here!"

"are you CRAZY - my thighs are FREEZING!"

"Should have worn the long-johns"

Soon enough, the conversation dimmed and "crunch, crunch, crunch" of the snow underfoot captured my attention. My thighs had either frozen or adapted, and were no longer complaining.

I still carried on nearly continuous prayer for sure footing. The roads were still covered with snow, some of the tire tracks had frozen beneath the pressure of the vehicles, which made the hills especially a little challenging.

I joked briefly to myself about harnessing the dog and donning skis. It certainly would have been an adventure, but the dog has no brakes and no steering and LOTS of energy and curiosity. I elected to play it safe.

Arriving home, I took a moment to kick the snow off the soles of my boots and wondered why I hadn't taken the opportunity to walk while my mother was visiting.

Thank you God for breaking the cycle of cabin fever! Thank you for the beauty of the world around me, and for my New England upbringing. Help me not forget the skill set that was developed during those years. Continue to teach and lead. Forgive me when I do not follow right away... I will learn.... one day.

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