Friday, January 1, 2010

....In With The New....

A New Year begins....

Typically, we choose resolutions to begin the year, though I learned an important lesson last year. I had made several resolutions last year.... to lose weight, be a better mom, get more exercise, make healthy lifestyle changes..... You know... that kind of stuff.

What I realized is that all of them tied to one thing: Getting adequate rest. When I am more rested, I AM a better mom, I have the energy to exercise and the patience to make healthy choices.

I also learned that each DAY is new, and that living with my eyes and heart focused on HIM is really what I need each day. Everything else is secondary.... even the "being a better mom" part.

So, that is where I intend to set my focus in 2010. On Him.

May I stay focused and rested...

Happy New Year... may you realize how blessed you are!

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