Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blessed Beyond My Wildest Imaginings

I don't know exactly when that phrase first appeared in my life. It was sometime in the midst of my divorce and the deepening of my connection with God. I know that someone had said we are "blessed".

The next words out of my mouth were ".... beyond my wildest imaginings." It stuck.

As time went on I realized exactly how true the words have turned out to be. I find myself in a situation - "good" or "bad" - and take a look around, and realize: no matter what the situation, where I am is infinitely better than I would conceive I would be if I were in charge.

When I struggle, there is grace beyond what I would expect. When life is good, the same is true.

When I can't seem to find it, I realize I am not looking outward, but inward. I am focused on my struggle, the temporal situation and my pain. When I lift my head and look beyond the very moment that I am in, it's right there.

Always right there: The grace, the blessings.... beyond my wildest imaginings!

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