Sunday, January 31, 2010

Neighborhood Sledding Extravaganza

I love those spontaneous community events, where people just show up for a common cause. This "cause" was a day of fun involving our recent snowfall, and sleds of all sorts.

We joined the gathering with sleds left in the shed by the previous owners of our house. I'd tucked them away in case this day actually occurred.

We accumulated close to five inches of snow, which made the road that heads down the hill just near our house, perfect for sledding. Kids would start at the top, and the adults would give the younger children a push. They laughed. We laughed.

It was an incredible day of joy, laughter, frozen toes and hot chocolate. I watched them spin, slide backwards, "abandon sled!" and avoid obstacles. I was reminded of the winters of my youth....though we were not allowed to sled in the street. We might get hit by a plow or something. No plows here!

Thank you God for a beautiful, wonderful day of southern sledding!

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