Sunday, July 24, 2011

You Make Me New....

Today was the day that my church baptizes in the creek down the road from the church building. In the days leading up to it, I recalled my experience standing there before the congregation publicly declaring my decision. More importantly, I remembered that decision.

I consider the places He and I have been since then. Walking together, sitting quietly. Laughing. Crying. Sometimes, He'd lead with me following with my heels dug in. Patiently, He'd wait til I remembered that He has only my best interests at heart and run to catch up. Sometimes, He'd find me laying there, feeling so broken, that He would come back, scoop me up and carry me for a while.

I think of the song "Beautiful Things". It begins with words that make me cry, but by the bridge, I have restored hope that He truly is "making me new". I remember the first day I heard the song. I was at church, and behind those lyrics, this picture of me, under water except for my hand...

The Journey continues, I know. With fresh enthusiasm, it seems lately... for both of us. And then we hit a little bump in the road, and I'm back at the beginning of the song: "All this pain. I wonder if I'll ever find my way. I wonder if my life could really change at all...." But I sit for a while, and remember the gifts and healing that comes along with the bump, and soon enough, the words "You make me new, You are making me new" are back to playing in my head.

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